Meet the Staff

Paul Millette, Director of Griswold Library and Computing & Technology Services

Employed at Green Mountain College since 1999 Paul has seen Griswold Library transition from largely a collection of print materials to become an increasingly large and impressive collection of electronic resources.   Paul, along with the entire staff of Griswold Library and Computing & Technology Services believes that an elemental feature of a college education is the ability to effectively use information technology, access information resources, and evaluate such as to measures of its quality and appropriateness.  When away from the library Paul enjoys cooking and gardening, visiting Vermont farmers markets, and reading history and biography.  Professing a strong aversion for motorized recreational vehicles Paul likes to amble along abandoned country roads and roam urban sidewalks.  He thinks Vermont cheeses are the best.


Brenton Dupee,  Education Technology Specialist 

Brenton is an alumn from Green Mountain College who studied Sociology/Anthropology and Art with a focus towards graphic design. He worked for the Computing and Technology Services department in some capacity since 2006; starting out as a student worker. Now Brenton manages the college’s Moodle online learning system.  He lives in downtown Poultney contributing to the local community through the design and upkeep of various websites when he's not working for the college. In his free time you can find him unwinding in front of a video game, drawing, or just researching whatever random topic interests him at the time.


Tracy Harding, Griswold Library Administrative Assistant and Advisor to International Students

Tracy is a graduate of the University of Maine.  She has over 5,000 pets (bees) and lives on ten acres with her husband Jim and two teenagers (Acadia and Henry).  At GMC Tracy is most often found assisting library patrons and managing day to day business affairs.  As advisor to the college’s international students she coordinates academic and social activities.  When she is not on campus Tracy enjoys reading, weeding her garden, and working on the children's book that she is hoping to publish one day.



Maureen Ryan, Public Services Library Assistant

Maureen truly enjoys college environments and working with people in various capacities.  With a background in sociology and psychology, she works as the Public Services Library Assistant in the Griswold Library and teaches at both GMC and another college as part-time faculty.  Maureen is also a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She presently resides in Vermont with her husband, son, two cats, a small flock of chickens, and an organic garden. In addition to her love of academia and working with people, she enjoys hiking, camping, reading, cooking, baking, gardening, working on art, and spending time with her family.


Elaine McDevitt,  Computer Technical and Web Support Specialist

Elaine McDevitt is a proud GMC alumni.  She works in the Computer Technology Services office as the Technical and Web Support Specialist.  Elaine is there to help students with any computer needs, from getting their routers to work on the colleges network to fixing hardware. If she can't help a student with their specific needs she will direct them to the best place to get assistance. Outside of work Elaine loves to hang out with her husband and pets.  She enjoys gardening, hiking and spending time outside.

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