The Images Challenge Experience

Many parents have heard about the importance of "growth mindset" in education.  In order to best learn, students need to be comfortable taking risks, making low-stakes mistakes, and facing challenges with the expectation that they can learn, grow, and continue to improve, no matter what skills or ideas they're trying to learn.  At Green Mountain College, we know all about the importance of helping students to face challenges, both in their learning and in their future as change agents and problem-solvers.

In order to share with students the value of a growth mindset in light of the challenges of college life, we help them to experience low-stakes challenge on our actual challenge course.  Students in their Images classes are invited to work together to get everyone over our 12-foot Initiative Wall, around our Mohawk Traverse, or up the Giant's Ladder, and find out how to call on their friends, upper-class peers, and faculty advisors when they most need a helping hand.  Faculty members literally become students' belayers, helping them overcome challenges on the low and high elements and establishing a relationship of trust so that when students need help finding their way in their academic work, they know their faculty advisor is there to support and encourage them. 

Our Images Challenge Experience is "challenge by choice," though we do encourage students to stretch a bit beyond their comfort level in a safe atmosphere.

Faculty belay

Images challenge course

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