Images of Nature and Culture

This introduction to the Green Mountain College education and our beautiful bioregion explores some of the ways in which we make sense of the human and ecological systems which surround us. Students choose their section from various topics, while all students experience a few common texts that consider our place in the world. The course begins to develop college writing through essays and journaling while frequent field trips help root students in their new home while they test ideas from classroom readings.

One credit of this four credit first-year seminar is a peer-led exploration of campus resources, such as the Wellness Center, the Learning Center, and the Library.  Under the guidance of both their faculty advisors and upper-class student peers (our fantastic UTAs), Images students learn about facing the challenges of college expectations and find out where on campus to seek support and guidance.

Each student’s individualized learning plan, the Academic Path, is developed in this course and revised in each of the subsequent core courses in the ELA program.  If your student is entering GMC in the spring semester, they will likely take this course during the following fall.  If your student is transferring in multiple writing courses, they may move directly into our second core course, Voices of Community.  Please contact the Registrar's Office with any questions about transfer credits.

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