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Important Upcoming Events:

We want your student to engage in campus life and we offer a variety of events each week.  We have on-going activities like musical performances, sporting events, club activities, theater, and trips.  Campus activities and events are listed on our Events Calendar.  Please encourage your student to attend these important standing events in order to get connected on campus:

New Student Orientation 

Speaker Lauret Savoy http://www.lauretsavoy.com/
Thursday, August 31st 4:00 pm Ackley Theater 

Club Fair 
Wednesday, September 6th 4:30 pm -6:30 pm  Withey Lobby 

Town of Poultney Chili Cook-off 
Saturday, September 30th 

Family & Friends Weekend 
October 21 & 22 

Collaborative Music Project meet- up 
Friday, September 13 

Collaborative Music Project Performance
Friday, October 20 

First Soccer Home Games 
September 2-3 ( Times TBD) 

For additional information, they will want to check our Facebook page and the Events calendar.

Here are three important things for students (and parents) to know about getting involved on campus: 

1) Students should come to the Office of Student Involvement at anytime during the year to get in touch with one of thirty clubs on campus or to find out what programs and events are coming up. Our office is located on the ground floor of Withey Hall next to GreenMAP.

2) Student should come to the Office of Student Involvement to join the College Programming Board (CPB). Being a part of this group gives students the opportunity to shape the community through event planning. CPB has the resources and supplies to allow students to participate in community building by bringing their favorite local music to campus, holding workshops, hosting guest speakers, or borrowing equipment to hold a jam session or an open mic night.

3) Students should come to student involvement or e-mail student_activites@greenmtn.edu if they are planning on holding an event. Student Involvement can help them advertise to the campus and beyond, and give advice and guidance to help execute a successful event. 

Community Partners:

We are excited for your student to join our vibrant Poultney community.  Here are some community partners that your student may want to connect with through events and volunteer opportunities:

Front Porch Forum:  http://poultneypubliclibrary.com/community/front-porch-forums-calendar/ 

Johnson & Sons Bike Works: http://www.johnsonandsonbikeworks.com/local-rides/

Poultney 2020:  https://www.facebook.com/Poultney-2020-129528607220126/

Poultney Public Library: http://poultneypubliclibrary.com/

Poultney and You: https://www.poultneyandyou.org/

Poultney Vermont Chamber of Commerce: http://www.poultneyvt.com/events/

Stone Valley Arts: http://stonevalleyarts.org/

Stone Valley Co-op: http://www.stonevalleymarket.com/

Slate Valley Trails: https://www.slatevalleytrails.org/events.html

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