First-Year Academic Coaching

student working with academic coach

All first-year students will be assigned to a professional academic coach through the Center for Advising and Achievement.  Academic coaching provides students with the chance to work individually with professional staff members to enhance their academic skills, gain confidence, discover motivation, and improve performance. Students typically schedule weekly meetings with their academic coach.  In these meetings, your student sets goals for the semester and works towards improving skills and performance.  Working with an academic coach can help students study smarter by developing skills in time management, goal setting, and test preparation.  Coaching also helps students to look their schedule holistically, helping them to develop academic and non-academic areas of their life.

Remember, academic coaches are not academic advisors. Conversations with academic advisors will focus on planning curriculum and meeting requirements, as well as mentoring and career development.  Academic coaching allows space for everything in between, like executive function support, learning strategies, and life management skills. Meeting with our academic coach is one of the best ways to personalize your student's education and get on track academically. We recommend that students meet with an academic coach as early in the semester as possible.

For questions about academic coaching, please call the Center for Advising and Achievement at (802)287-2180.

Last modified: Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 1:20 PM