The Calhoun Learning Center

The Calhoun Learning Center, located on the third floor of Griswold Library, offers academic support services to all students of the College. Services are provided free of charge to GMC students. The Center organizes academic skills workshops and strategy and skills instruction. It also provides peer-tutoring, organizes study groups, and provides a quiet environment conducive to studying and learning.  Our goal is to provide all Green Mountain College students with the opportunities for an enhanced learning experience by offering a variety of academic support services to assist them in their pursuit of academic success as independent learners and self-advocates.

The Learning Center professional staff are available from 8:00am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  Our peer-tutors are available to meet with students from 8am-midnight Monday through Thursday, 8am-5pm on Friday, and noon-midnight on Sunday.

We encourage your student to utilize these services.  The sooner that we can help your student, the better.  It may be helpful to remind your student that all of our students utilize these services:  our best students as well as students that struggle utilize our top-notch academic support services.  Seeking help is just best practice.  As you are encouraging your student to seek these services, remind them that we also provide sweet treats to get them through their busy academic times!

Last modified: Friday, 26 August 2016, 9:04 AM