The Book Depot

Boots on books

Having the right books for your classes is essential to academic success.  Unfortunately, many students struggle to find money to buy books or have difficulty getting the right ones in time for the start of the semester.  To address this concern, Green Mountain College provides books to all of our students to increase student success and to make education more affordable.

Each semester, Green Mountain College provides all students with all of their textbooks at the start of every semester with no purchase needed.  Your student shows up, and we hand them their books!

This book rental initiative is important to us because we want to increase students’ academic success.  All students will start all classes with 100% of their assigned materials.  No more worry and frustration as they try to succeed in class without having the assigned books.  No more delays waiting for an online order to arrive.  In addition, we want to make a college education for your student more affordable.  

When your student registers for their courses, we order their textbooks to be on-campus when they arrive.  Students go to a designated pick-up site, our Book Depot on the 2nd floor of Withey Hall, during Orientation and are handed their books for all of their classes.  If a student adds or drops a course they can pick up the new books or return the old.  At the end of the semester, students return their books after their last final exam.  If a student wants to keep a book, they can, for a charge (approximately 50% of the retail price).

Prior to the first day of classes, ask your student if they have picked up their books and are ready to go!  If they have not picked up their books, they will receive a reminder via email from the Registrar’s Office encouraging them to do this as soon as possible.

Last modified: Friday, 20 January 2017, 3:26 PM