Messages not being sent to Inbox? - Read This!

Recently we've been hearing that GMCmoodle messages are not being emailed to their intended recipients with increasing frequency. The messages are being delivered, however they are being flagged as Spam and are appearing in the Spam folder rather than the Inbox.

You can access the Spam folder by clicking on the option for More and choosing Spam from the left side navigation in Gmail, or you can type in:spam in the Gmail search bar at the top of the page.

Update: In light of new information we have added this server's IP address to an institutional white-list. If any of your messages are sent to the Spam folder after 2016 March 30 please look at the information below.

Training Gmail

Unfortunately we have no way of controlling directly what Gmail flags as spam, but there is a less direct option that Google provides.

Every time a message from GMCmoodle is sent to the Spam folder we strongly advise opening the message and clicking on the Not spam button (even if you already know what the message is and do not need to read it).

Location of the Not spam button in Gmail

This will eventually train your inbox not to spam items from GMCmoodle.

Access Messages on GMCmoodle

If you aren't sure if you have been sent any messages, you can also check all messages sent and received in GMCmoodle by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing Messages from the User menu.

Location of Messages in User menu

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