Forum Preferences, Subscription, and Read Tracking

Configuring Your Forum Preferences

Before you subscribe to any forums we strongly recommend that you take a look at your preferences.

These can be accessed by clicking into the user menu (click on your name or picture in the upper right corner) and choose Preferences followed by Forum preferences on the following page.

Image depicting the locations of the links indicated above


Subscribing to a Forum

Note about Subscribing and Read Tracking - If you have read tracking enabled to highlight unread posts, please keep in mind that moodle will consider a post read once it is sent to your email.

Method 1: Subscribing at Post

One way to subscribe to a forum or discussion is to do it while you post your message. The convenience of this method is that it will work in any type of forum.

  • In a General Discussion Forum it will subscribe you to the Topic you are creating or replying to.
  • For a Single Simple Discussion Forum there are no topics, so it will subscribe you to the entire forum.

When you go to write a message, check the Discussion subscription box before you click to post:

Image depicting the location of the Discussion subscription checkbox.

Method 2: Subscribing to an Individual Discussion Thread (General Discussion Fora Only)

If you have already posted and would like to subscribe without making another post you can do that from the top level.

Click into the General Discussion Forum where you can see listed everyone's topic, and click the bullet point at the end of the row containing the topic you wish to subscribe to and it will turn into an envelope as shown below:

Image depicting the location of the subscription toggle.

What makes this method convenient, is you can easily see which topics you are subscribed to, and unsubscribe by clicking the envelope icon.

Method 3: Subscribing from the Administration Block

If you have already posted and would like to subscribe to a Simple Single Discussion Forum you need to use the Administration block (this method also works for other fora).

Find the Administration block inside the Forum, Forum administration should already be expanded, click Subscribe to this forum.

You can also use this method to subscribe to everything posted in a General Discussion Forum, or from within a topic you can click look for Subscribe to this discussion to subscribe only to that topic.

Like Method 2, the Unsubscribe links will appear in place of the Subscribe ones.

Last modified: Wednesday, 2 March 2016, 3:18 PM