Including Images in your Posts

Uploading the Image

There are a couple of ways to upload images to GMCmoodle;

one way is to click on the Image button and select a photo from one of the repositories (which includes an upload option),

or if the file is on your computer (either in a folder or on the desk top) you can drag the image file into the text box.

Location of the Image button in the toolbar (top row, tenth button)

"Customizing" the Image

To customize the image, you need to access the Image properties.

If you uploaded your image using the Image button, you should already have the Image properties window up. If however you uploaded using the drag-and-drop method you will need to click on the image (just to make sure it's selected) and then click the Image button (as pictured above).

Note: If an image is selected, the Image button will be shaded.

The screen shot below highlights the main things you should look for in the Image properties window for every image.

1. Browse repositories... : 

This is merely the first step if you haven't used the drag-and-drop method. Most useful features here are that you can upload from your computer, or you can upload directly from Google Drive.

You also have the option to paste the URL in directly for an image hosted on another site, but the danger there is that if they take it, or the site down, the link breaks.

2. Describe this image for someone who cannot see it :

Students are not strictly required to do this one, but the description area is their to assist fellow classmates who have a visual disability so please enter a brief description of what is depicted in your picture.

3. Size :

If you took a photo with your camera or phone chances are it's too big to fit comfortably in the forum. For this you will want to make your picture smaller. The first of the size boxes corresponds to the width and for this site we suggest sticking in the range of 500 and 700 pixels.

With Auto size selected, whichever measurement you change moodle will automatically calculate what the other one should be. Additionally, you can still see an image in its full-size by saving it to your desktop.

Once you are happy with your settings, click Save image in order to return to the text box.

Last modified: Tuesday, 1 March 2016, 3:10 PM