(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

This database houses some of the more commonly asked questions about GMCmoodle. If you can't find the question you looking for you can email me at Brenton.Dupee@greenmtn.edu


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Is it possible to attach a file to a message in moodle?


Moodle's messaging function is structured more like an instant messaging or text-messaging system than an e-mail system so attaching files is not a possibility, however there are a couple of alternative solutions:

If you are just sending a file to a single person please use our campus e-mailing system instead.

If you are attempting to share a file with an entire class ask your professor to set up a forum for you. Forums will allow you to attach a file and then everyone who has access to that forum can access it.




Why are some unread posts not being flagged?


In most cases this means that you have both forum tracking and forum subscriptions enabled: for optimal performance the best thing is to pick one.

What happens when you have a forum subscription you recieve an e-mail updating you on the newest posts, depending on your settings, as they come in or once a day. When this e-mail is sent out the system assumes that you will read it in your mailbox and no longer need it maked as unread.




Why can't I find my course?


There are a couple of common reasons that you would not see your course on GMCmoodle...

Has your course started yet?

With very few exceptions students do not recieve access until the first day of class, so if your course has not started you should not expect to see it in GMCmoodle.

Faculty members may request to have their course opened to students sooner.

Are you cleared through the Registrar's office?

Check your schedule through MyGMC, if the course you are looking for appears on your schedule make sure you are not waitlisted for it.

Are you cleared through Student Financial Services?

We have to make sure you are cleared through our business office before you can access your course. If you think this could be the issue please call the Financial Aid office at (802)287.8209