Delicate Balance Project Ideas

A list of Delicate Balance sustainability projects provided by Ryan Ihrke, Green Mountain College Sustainability coordinator.

Please contact Ryan if you have suggestions for other campus sustainability projects.

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Natural Capital

Carbon impact of alumni—the Sustainability 2020 metrics task force developed a measure of progress called alumni impact. The metric consisted of adding 12 questions to the annual alumni survey. Alumni are now asked about everything from what mode of transportation they use on their daily commute to the square footage of their house. These questions were specifically designed so that it would be possible to convert them into greenhouse gas emissions (in other words, they were designed like a simple carbon footprint calculator). A good project would be to convert the answers to these questions into ghg emissions. Whoever takes this on will learn a lot about ghg accounting, which is a critical skill for anyone entering the sustainability field. The results can then be compared to our inventory of up-stream ghg emissions from purchases in order to answer the question: are the positive impacts of our students outweighing the impact of our supply chain on campus? (Contact Ryan Ihrke in the sustainability office)

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