Delicate Balance Project Ideas

A list of Delicate Balance sustainability projects provided by Ryan Ihrke, Green Mountain College Sustainability coordinator.

Please contact Ryan if you have suggestions for other campus sustainability projects.

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Natural Capital

Reuse woodshed— three years ago, a student completed a research project that suggested that over 5% of our entire waste stream consists of wood that could be re-used. The facilities department, the sustainability office, REED, and Cerridwen Farm would all have an interest in this wood diversion effort. A motivated student could work with facilities and the sustainability office to estimate the volume of wood that could be diverted each year and then estimate the size of a shed needed to house the material. Then, the student could either design a shed themselves or collaborate with REED or an outside contractor to design a shed (preferably using sustainable design concepts). The student could also make a proposal for how the material would be managed, including who would be responsible for diverting it, who would be responsible for organizing the shed, and how various groups of people could access the wood from the shed. (Contact Simon James in the sustainability office & Bill Ballard in facilities).

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