Delicate Balance Project Ideas

A list of Delicate Balance sustainability projects provided by Ryan Ihrke, Green Mountain College Sustainability coordinator.

Please contact Ryan if you have suggestions for other campus sustainability projects.

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Social Capital

Building social capital on campus—A few years ago, the College completed its first survey assessment of social capital on campus. Questions included trust and associations between people, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, personal development, and grit. Now the College would like to build on strengths and address weaknesses. This is an especially important topic given the national debate around racism. There are many “isms” that can be addressed with a project related to social capital. The Authentic Sustainability Coordinating Committee (ASCC) is working on analyzing the data. Some classes have developed proposals for addressing weaknesses in the data. But, it would be great if some students took on an initiative as well based on their interpretation of the data and where they think effort should be expended. One idea is to boost community service in athletics by working with teams so that they can take on specific projects in the community. For example, the upcoming Thanks & Giving day on November 15th needs teams of volunteers to take on projects. How could someone create buy-in from a whole team or numerous teams, find a meaningful project for them to do, and create lasting relationships between athletes and town stakeholders? (Contact Professor Jennifer Sellers or Vice President of Student Life, Joe Petrick)

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