Delicate Balance Project Ideas

A list of Delicate Balance sustainability projects provided by Ryan Ihrke, Green Mountain College Sustainability coordinator.

Please contact Ryan if you have suggestions for other campus sustainability projects.

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Natural Capital

New Compost System— GMC would like to either build a certified composting facility on campus or collaborate with a local landowner willing to house a facility on their land. Either way, the facility needs to be big enough to process all of the food scraps generated on campus. There has also been discussion of  being  capable of accommodating an addition that could handle some or all of the food scraps generated in Poultney. Many key stakeholders are already on board with this project and several thousand dollars have been raised for engineering consultation, which has been used to produce a blueprint of one model we may consider. But, more money needs to be raised and more planning needs to happen. Cerridwen Farm, the Sustainability Office, and the Campus Sustainability Council need several students to take on various aspects of the project. Pieces of the project include creating a business plan for selling the finished compost, finding a network of suppliers of carbon (leaves and woodchips), developing a detailed management plan outlining the day-to-day responsibilities required of the caretakers, and writing grants. There is a lot of momentum for this project and it will make an enormous mark on the College, so it’s a very exciting project to be a part of. (Carl Diethelm in the sustainability office)

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