Delicate Balance Project Abstract Archive

This database stores some detail about delicate balance projects over the years.

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Student's Name: Sean McNamara and William Sargent
Professor: Thayer Raines
Year and Term: F12
Project Title: Increasing Aesthetics at Griswold Library
Project Abstract:

Our project aimed at increasing the aesthetics at Griswold Library. The purpose of this project was to create an atmosphere that would increase the thought process and creativity of students. Art increases brain functions like memory, senses, and emotions. These factors help the mind have a deeper understanding of certain ideas. We talked to Paul Millette, Griswold Library Director, to ask for his input on the project. He stated he wanted a piece of art that would be donated by a student, be permanent, and fit into the available locations. We found a painting that was created by Marijo Bineault ’13. She was excited to donate the painting permanently to the library, and they agreed to accept the donation. The painting will be put up in the library in the spring semester ’13. There will also be a plaque to describe our delicate project and pay thanks to Marijo’s gift. Future endeavors could put more student-made art work in the library or certain locations around campus.

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