Delicate Balance Project Abstract Archive

This database stores some detail about delicate balance projects over the years.

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Student's Name: Francis Kopp and Matt Eule
Professor: Thayer Raines
Year and Term: F12
Project Title: Meditation
Project Abstract:

Our project was to provide an area in which students within the Green Mountain community can come and use for meditative purposes. We sustainably created this project by using slate around campus that had been deemed unusable by maintenance. After our project was approved by the land committee we had the red and green slate pile transported over to the side of the wellness center.

      After receiving the slate at the wellness center we rearranged the slate using the different red and green colors to form a yin yang shaped patter. This yin yang is about eight feet in diameter and contains two large slate pieces that provide the most comfortable areas in order to sit.

      In the spring we intend to add sunflowers around a section of the perimeter in order to give a more aesthetically pleasing environment. We intend to do this while working with the herbal tribe because they have a garden next to the meditation area and we can work in conjunction with their garden. This will create a higher feeling of peacefulness when entering the area around the wellness center. This will also make the wellness center look more inviting and possibly provide that extra push a person may need in order to get help when they need it.

      One of the biggest challenges for this project was working with different staff members of the school in order to get our project approved. At the beginning of the semester we were under the impression that the land committee had perished and we needed to get our approval by the maintenance workers for Green Mountain. However, from maintenance we were sent to another staff member under whom our wild goose chase had begun.

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