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Student's Name: Binh Bui
Professor: Heather Keith
Year and Term: F12
Project Title: Improvement for Free Store
Project Abstract:

The Free Store is an existing project which is run by the Eco-Rep program on campus. It collects donated or unused things, and stores them in the Withey basement where everybody can come from 8am to 5pm every day to take things they need for free. This project aims to improve the current Free Store, to promote small, locally-owned businesses, and to create a new way of consumption: “Buy Less, Share More.” According to many scholars and economists, small, locally-owned firms benefit the local economy, and provide an effective corporate social responsibility (CSR). They also contribute in building a friendly community, with people sharing and exchanging things with each other while reducing waste. 


What the project achieved



"Switch-A-Roo" - Switch free boxes among dorms.


Organized the Reuse Day (Nov 7).


Created GMC Eco-Reps Facebook page (Oct 9) (


"Free Item of the Week" – Took pictures of very valuable things found in the Free Store, and posted them on the Eco-Rep Facebook page.


Collaborate with the Freepo.

Future Plan



If you consider continuing this project, please keep in mind that the Eco-Rep members play a huge, crucial role in your project’s success. They are your arms. They assist you in many tasks and help put your plans into practices. Hence, please communicate and collaborate with them. Good luck!  

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