Delicate Balance Project Abstract Archive

This database stores some detail about delicate balance projects over the years.

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Student's Name: Violet Floros and Charlotte Wright
Professor: Karen Fleming
Year and Term: F12
Project Title: Etsy craft collective
Project Abstract:

The Green Mountain College Craft Collective

Violet Floros & Charlotte Wright




Our project seeks to bring together creative students at Green Mountain College in an effort to share skills of crafting and promote a local, handmade market. Our project actions included starting an Etsy collective and Facebook page to spread awareness of individual’s handmade items and promote their sales. To build interest, an initial informative meeting was held to share ideas and gain feedback from potential members of the collective. Also, a crafting social was held to promote skill share and a tight-knit community among crafters on campus. The way in which the websites have been established will encourage longevity of the project and allow the project to be passed on and maintained by other individuals interested at Green Mountain College after we have graduated. This project seeks to benefit the local community by promoting sustainable, handmade and local purchases, highlighting the talents of community members.

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